Warehouse Automation

Increase productivity & reduce cycle times

Advanced automation minimizes manual material transport tasks and optimizes valued human resources

Increase Throughput — Move 40% more material per hour compared with manual moves. All day long.
Optimize Workforce — Eliminate dead-end runs, reduce excessive walk-times, and repurpose employees to perform value-added tasks.
Improve Safety — Reducing forklift and reach-truck traffic inside the facility reduces adverse safety incidents and product damage.

Speed receiving operations

Streamline all aspects of your dock-to-stock workflows using automation. Keep forklift operators in the receiving docks, stocking operators racking, and eliminate the traffic between receiving docks and the racks

Automate Delivery to Putaway Zones
Achieve fork-free operations between a staging area in receiving and your storage racks by using AMRs for pallet transport. Manual forklift operators can meet AMRs in storage to complete put away.

Automatically Replenish Easy-Access Staging Lanes
Use autonomous forklifts with smart pallet-scanning features to organize inbound pallets in staging lanes on the warehouse floor for compact storage and easy retrieval.

Keep Skilled Operators Focused on Value-Added Tasks
Let autonomous vehicles manage non-value-adding material transport tasks so skilled manual operators can stay focused on decision-making and efficient unloading in receiving.

Make fulfillment less manual

Accurate picking and timely delivery are critical to keeping your orders moving to your customers’ docks and doors. Use AMRs to move materials from storage zones to processing zones or outbound lanes.

Improve Picking Efficiency
Deliver full or partial pallets from storage to order processing zones to expedite processing. Reduce dead-end runs by forklift operators and accelerate picking velocity while reducing errors.

Add Goods to Person Capabilities
Reduce employee walk times and accelerate each-level picking operations in ecommerce facilities by adding AMRs to bring goods from storage to employees that can fulfill orders faster.

Create a Custom Appliance for Each Pick or Case Pick Operations
Keep orders organized even on long picking runs with a custom multi-bin appliance for your tow vehicle trailers. Now automated picking vehicles can make fewer well-orchestrated runs through the picking zones to deliver organized product for order processing.

Keep outbound operations running smoothly

Once picked and processed, accelerate the pallet flow all the way to the shipping docks. Declutter your outbound processing zones with intelligent automation and keep those pallets moving.

To Wrapper
Use AMRs to move finished pallets from floor positions or conveyor tops to wrapper infeed positions.

To Outbound Lanes
Once wrapped, move pallets from outfeed conveyors to dock doors ready for trailer loading. Use smart automation to transfer pallets to the right dock doors and lanes.

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