Industrial Automation

Streamline and Improve Manufacturing

Automation brings new levels of reliable efficiency and consistent quality to manufacturing facilities

Increase Quality — Automated work cells perform repetitive tasks with high precision improving quality.
Reduce Costs — Manage costs with just-in-time delivery of materials to line-side operations and in-between workcells.
Improve Safety — Leverage automation and mobile robots to reduce manual operations reducing adverse safety incidents.

Consistently efficient material flow

Automation can help manufacturing processes run like clockwork from beginning to end. Deliver WIP material, supplies, and components to manufacturing work cells with just-in-time precision. Transport finished goods from the manufacturing floor to storage. Keep the lifeline of your factory—material—moving smoothly through the facility.

Sequenced Lineside Delivery
Use mobile robots or custom conveyance to transfer material from super-market or storage racks to line side—in the correct sequence at the right time. Reduce line-side congestion, improve material flow, and keep inventory costs down.

Automated Cell-to-Cell Delivery
Streamline production operations with automated material transfer between work cells. Custom trailers or conveyance systems, often paired with robotic arms, can automate delivery of in-progress materials to the next step—a task that can introduce inefficiencies and interrupt steady manufacturing flow.

Efficient Transport from End-of-Line
Improve efficiencies, increase safety, and reduce WIP at end-of-line. Use mobile robots and fixed automation to move finished goods to palletizers, and finished pallets to wrappers or storage.

Robotic precision for industrial manufacturing tasks

Deploy custom automation to reduce human risk and maximize speed, output, and accuracy in large or challenging work cells

Work Cells Engineered for Your Operations
Use bespoke engineering services to design custom work cells to increase efficiency and safety in your manufacturing operations including stamping, welding, under carriage inspection, palletizing, and much more.

Automated Machine Tending
Use robotic arms or mobile robots to bring material to and tend your custom engineered work cell, ensuring the cell is not starving for material or attention and that manufacturing processes remain uninterrupted.

Custom appliances simplify and streamline material handling

Trailers and rigs built just for the goods you’re manufacturing increase safe handling and reduce product damage while adding efficiency to transport operations.

custom controls engineering

Custom Trailers for Safe Transport
With custom appliances, trailers can transport odd-shaped or fragile materials from cell to cell on the manufacturing floor. High-payload trailers equipped with conveyors can automatically load finished goods from the end of the assembly line for transport to other work cells or warehouse locations.

Custom Rigs for Progressive Assembly Lines
Increase continuous, seamless flow of materials down the assembly line with a custom-designed automation solution to support progressive assembly lines.

Exclusively from Heartland Automation

bespoke engineering

Any product on your floor can be transported by an autonomous mobile robot if you have a custom appliance designed and built for your payload.

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