automation roadmaps

A Plan for Productivity

We’ve consulted with you. We’ve done the analyses. What you need now is a big-picture automation strategy to future-proof your productivity. A strategy that takes into account ROI as well as throughput goals. Our engineers develop an automation roadmap specific to your facility and your budget.

Heartland Automation’s mission is to help you discover the best solutions to improve your operations. We help you deploy the new technology and scale it as needed.

Your solution-centered plan

As product agnostic advisors, we are free to design a compound automation solution that works for your specific situation.

Automation involves seamless integration of robots, controls, material handling solutions, and software. With today’s technology, you can leverage automation in all areas of your operation.

For example, Heartland Automation has delivered bespoke solutions that improve precision, speed, quality, and safety while reducing costs. We have deployed 6-axis robots to feed custom work cells, mobile robots and custom conveyors to manage material transfer between work cells or from storage to the work cells. One of our customers was able to reassign 51 employees to higher-value jobs, reducing overall operating costs.

Your custom roadmap starts here

Your roadmap might start with a pilot project, a simulation, or a small deployment specific to one workflow. If you’re concerned about your team’s response to changes in the workplace, the roadmap can show you a staggered deployment, giving you time to re-assign and promote your team members.


Begin with a simple workflow: 
Reduce manual work-in-transit (WIT)

Leverage mobile robots to transport materials from Pick Up to Drop Off spots with ongoing, timely reliability.

  • Reassign manual material transfer operators to tasks that  require real-time decision making and communication
  • In a warehouse environment, speed pallet transfer operations by 3x or 4x for a fraction of current costs.
In a manufacturing facility, improve takt time with  predictable, repeatable JIT lineside material delivery.


Add additional workflows and customize material handling based facility needs.
Expand travel paths and waypoints for mobile robots to gain additional value from your existing deployment.

  • Extend travel routes to deliver materials to additional Drop Off spots.
  • Add a new transport task along the long-haul journey by installing call buttons to enable on-demand supply  replenishment.


Connect multiple autonomous workflows and integrate with enterprise systems

Leverage labor expertise and assign workforce by zones.

  • Efficiently prepare and transfer material for transport from Pick Up to Drop location while minimizing manual touches.
  • Compound solutions allow multiple autonomous solutions to operate seamlessly, delivering quality and value at the operation.

Exclusively From Heartland Automation

Start your automation journey with assurance

For warehousing and distribution/3PL facilities, For warehousing and distribution/3PL facilities, Heartland Automation offers a three-month Proof of Concept to provide peace of mind and technology validation.