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Mobile robots improve efficiency in moving pallets

The world’s largest food packing provider was seeking an autonomous alternative to manual forklift operations. We recommended AMRs with infrastructure-free installation and safety features that protect employees. The autonomous fleet has reduced pallet loading and transfer times by 33%, eliminating 10,000 hours of personnel downtime per year.

Autonomous solutions in action

mobile robot custom solutions

Custom solutions provide
consistency and accuracy

line side delivery

Line side delivery
Autonomous transfer of payload improves velocity in the supply chain

robotic pallet mover

Pallet to shrink wrap
Pallet delivery that integrates with your conveyor system

warehouse robotic solutions

Warehouse distribution
Safe material movement on an on-time basis to your team members

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Start your automation journey with a guarantee

Heartland Automation offers a Proof of Concept program with a guarantee. We’ll deploy an AMR in your facility—try it risk-free for three months.

No CapEx? No problem. We exclusively offer operational expense options including rent and rent-to-own programs.