Accelerate operations
with autonomous solutions

Robotic roadmaps that drive
throughput and profits

Autonomous Material Robots


Automation as reliable as the heartland

We plan, design, and integrate custom autonomous solutions that accelerate efficient operations. Our first goal is to know your WHY before we discuss the WHAT and HOW. Our start to finish services include:

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Dialog. Understanding your business operations, unique challenges, operational goals, and material handling needs.

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Boots on the ground. We come to your site and create a facility layout and material flow analysis to identify unique opportunities to streamline material flow.

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Crawl—Walk—Run. A scalable, tailored automation plan informed by your business priorities and ROI considerations.

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Simulate to Visualize. Simulation models validate operational realities of the AMRs, including material flow and operational throughputs.

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Deploy. High-touch installation, training, and ongoing support.

Future-Proof Your Automation

Meet today’s throughput demand, prepare for tomorrow’s labor shortage

Your newest operator works 24/7—and
guarantees at least a decade of service.

Top 3 realities driving the rollout of autonomous operations


labor costs

labor pool

Work flows better with automation

Solutions for distribution

Solutions for manufacturing

Part art. Part science.

Creating integrated systems that work together seamlessly

We bring pioneers in material movement operations and veterans of systems engineering to combine best-of-breed autonomous solutions that drive high-impact operational efficiencies.

As unbiased automation advisors, you can count on us to find—and combine—the solutions that support your long-term growth goals. Our secret is simple: we start by actively listening to you.

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Start your automation journey with a guarantee

Heartland Automation offers a Proof of Concept program with a guarantee. We’ll deploy an AMR in your facility—try it risk-free for three months.

No CapEx? No problem. We exclusively offer operational expense options including rent and rent-to-own programs.