Implementation strategies that deliver peace of mind


Phased deployments allow you to go at your own pace and effectively address three fundamental concerns:

Adoption — ample time for acclimation and realignment of labor to higher value assignments
Technology — ease of integration for new systems and technologies
Investment — mitigation of financial risk and CapEx burden

Turnkey deployment services

Our robot installation teams methodically manage the installation and integration of your automation solutions and monitor operational metrics to ensure your deployment is meeting and maintaining ROI objectives.

Every implementation has a dedicated project manager that oversees every facet of the deployment process from systems integration and team-member training to the design and configuration of custom dashboards that give you complete visibility into all of your operational data.

Mitigating risk and increasing velocity is our foundation and focus

Implementing new, disruptive technologies does not mean disruption of ongoing operations. Heartland Automation manages every facet of the deployment process with one objective — increasing productivity, efficiency, and accuracy with little to no disruption and downtime.

During the evaluation and assessment phases, our system architects look at the big picture to determine each company’s full automation potential, but we deploy where and how it truly makes sense — whether it’s a fully integrated, multi-system implementation, or a scaled-back, phased rollout to give you the opportunity to assess operational improvements and plan for the next steps.

No two facilities share the same
challenges and goals

Every automation assessment is different. No two rollouts follow the same path. Our recommendations are never prescriptive. We fully tailor each implementation plan to the facility footprint and company business needs.

Custom Deployment

Whether you’re looking to integrate multiple systems and works cells, or automate one production line at a time, our phased deployments allow each customer to move at their desired pace.

Custom Integration

With Heartland Automation’s best-of-class solutions, you have the flexibility to simply deploy a single stand-alone unit, or seamlessly orchestrate multiple systems with minimal IT infrastructure impact.

Safety always comes first

Our robot installation teams conduct continuous safety assessments, including path validation for AMRs, safety cages for work cells, and validation of workplace safety compliance.

Case in Point

An industry-leading distributor deployed autonomous tuggers to streamline materials movement, and our proven safety assurance features demonstrated performance-perfect results.

On their inaugural deployment, a single AMR tugger completed 150 round trips, traveling over 78 miles with zero safety incidents.

Onsite training builds team confidence

We offer onsite operator training and HQ-based training for installation and maintenance.