bespoke engineering

Get purpose-built appliances and bespoke work cells designed specific to your needs

When it comes to discovering opportunities for efficiency,
the solution you didn’t know existed is our specialty.

Not everything fits on a pallet

Every unwieldy product on your floor can be transported by an autonomous mobile robot if you have a custom appliance designed and built for your payload. Integrating automation into workflows you didn’t imagine could improve efficiency, velocity, and safety.

Custom trailers with built-in conveyors automatically load engines for transport at an automotive manufacturing facility.

Custom work cells create a competitive advantage

Heartland Automation works collaboratively with industrial manufacturing companies to design custom work cells and mobile manipulators to help improve quality, repeatability, and overall efficiency—all while reducing costs. These include weld cells, sealing cells, press tending, and custom work cells.

Robotic Weld Cells

Robotic Sealing Cells

Robotic Press Tending