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Automation drives efficiency

At Heartland Automation, we want to work on your big-picture velocity strategy.


Unique solutions to
meet your specific


Seamless integration
of automation
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Ongoing support
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for mission critical


We start by listening to you. Your business operations, unique challenges, and operational goals drive our ideation.

We want to understand your as-is and to-be material handling needs. Improved efficiency and cost-savings for you is a win for us.


At your invitation, a Heartland Automation team visits your facility. Together with your expertise on site-specific needs, we discover opportunities for automation.

As our engineers, solutions architects, and operations experts observe workflows in action, our fresh perspective allows us to see opportunities in-house teams may not have considered. Our discoveries will lead to recommendations of unique opportunities to streamline material flow in support of your business operations.

We believe this collaborative, boots-on-the-ground approach is the best way to reveal big-impact automation opportunities.

onsite robotic solutions review

We can’t predict what we’re going to find until we tour your facility

With our observation data in hand, our solution architects do a variety of analyses

We perform static and dynamic workflow simulations on takt time, throughput, cycle time, and other operational details. We create sensitivity analysis models that address your facility’s throughput requirements and perform path analysis to identify & recommend optimal workflow automation scenarios. When needed, we do a time study analysis to capture opportunities for improving your team members’ productivity.

a plan

You will receive a tailored automation roadmap driven by your business priorities, ROI considerations, and specific facility and systems constraints. The plan may include stationary robots, autonomous mobile robots, custom-designed robotic work cells, conveyance systems, and palletizers.

Crawl, Walk, Run! Start small, scale at your pace. Your initial deployment can target a high-value workflow for quick ROI. As part of a larger roadmap, this deployment will then serve as the building block for future deployments.

With a plan in place from the beginning, you can scale your autonomous operations over time without starting over every time.

No questions, no cost.

If you’re at the beginning of your automation journey and looking for a way to proceed with caution, Heartland Automation has an industry-unique Proof of Concept guarantee program.

We deliver and integrate a mobile robot for you to try—watch as it operates in your facility and among your people for three months. Your automation journey starts with the click of a button.


Simulate to Visualize. Our simulation models demonstrate how mobile robots will operate in your facility, improve material flow, and deliver ROI.

Our comprehensive simulations capture your current operations: facility layout, vehicle traffic, foot traffic, and material flows.

We introduce autonomous material transfer solutions to your current operations in a simulation environment. This reveals material transfer efficiencies and process improvements resulting from the deployment of autonomous mobile robots. We provide revised metrics for intra-facility material transfers, throughput achievement data, and workforce productivity gains.

Use simulations to define the ideal fleet size for your initial deployment—it’s easy to add and subtract autonomous mobile robots to measure the impact on your throughput goals.

robotic solutions

facility simulations reveal

• Wasted walk time
• Dead-end runs
• Opportunities for automation
• Optimal use of floor space
• Throughput projections
• ROI of autonomous solutions

deploy & train

With Heartland Automation, you’ll receive high-touch installation and training. We train the robots along with your team members.

When you become a client, a Heartland Automation project manager is assigned to your job and will stay with you through deployment, systems integration, and training.

support & scale

Ongoing support for continuous improvement as you scale your autonomous operations.

Your Heartland Automation team remains available to answer questions, help you troubleshoot, and reassess deployments as needed. As you move towards increasingly autonomous operations, we work with you to incorporate those new workflows into the existing deployment.