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Whether you’re operating a distribution center or a manufacturing facility, material movement is critical to your operations. Automation is the future of material movement. Keeping costs down while improving velocity is crucial to staying competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.


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will be completed by
machines by 2022*

World Economic Forum
The Future of Jobs Report 2018


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want to use automation
to improve performance
& productivity*

Willis Towers Watson, The future of work:
Debunking myths and navigating new realities


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International Federation of Robotics


Automation, combined with autonomous vehicles, improves consistency and reliability of material delivery in your operations, increasing facility throughput.


Errors are costly. Automated solutions reliably repeat critical tasks with precision, from conveyance to welding.

risk mitigation

Automated solutions that perform high-risk tasks or safely transport materials through your facility


Improve the efficiency of your operations with automation

Every operation faces the challenges of dead-head runs, increased wear and tear, excessive walking (pushing carts), and expensive human errors. By addressing these challenges, automated solutions help improve safety, efficiency, and bottom-line metrics for your operation.

address labor shortfalls with automation

Reskill and repurpose employees for higher value tasks

Leverage automation and robots to perform essential but repetitive tasks that don’t require decision making.

Reskill and repurpose employees to other areas of the operation where their critical thinking skills can improve efficiency, reduce safety incidents, and improve quality.

Industrial Automation

Achieve your lean manufacturing goals with reliable, industrial-strength automation

Deploy automated systems to complete high-risk, high-precision tasks such as welding, stamping, and sealing. Bespoke work cells are custom engineered to support your unique operational requirements.

Automatic conveyance solutions and mobile robots streamline safe transport of heavy-payload materials between work cells or automate just-in-time delivery of materials to your lineside team. Automation manages repetitive material handling operations keeping employees safe and productive in their zones.

Peek inside the automated door welding work cell at a Tier 1 automotive manufacturing site.

warehouse automation

Meet today’s throughput demands by adding autonomous productivity

There are several ways to leverage automation and mobile robots in your warehouse operations to increase velocity while reducing costs and adverse (costly) events. Using autonomous mobile robots to carry material over long distances increases throughput and frees up expensive human capital for higher-value tasks. Moreover, robots can operate longer hours and take no breaks.

Watch an autonomous robots safely navigate in a high-traffic warehouse facility.

autonomous tugger

Crawl, Walk, Run

Let Heartland Automation help plan a phased implementation for you, with increasing capability to partially or fully automate your operations.