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Whether you’re running a distribution center or a manufacturing facility, material movement is part of your world—and automation is the future of material movement. Keeping costs down while improving velocity is crucial to staying competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace.


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World Economic Forum
The Future of Jobs Report 2018


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Willis Towers Watson, The future of work:
Debunking myths and navigating new realities


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International Federation of Robotics

mobile robots drive profitability

Drive efficiency with facility-specific autonomous operations

Everyone in operations faces the challenges of empty-handed runs, wasted walk time, and costly human errors. AMRs, alone or in collaboration with other autonomous systems, can benefit your bottom line by addressing these challenges.

If your goal is to achieve a fork-free environment, you’re already on the path to improved profitability.


On time and just in time delivery of material reduces wait time and down time for your team.


Errors are costly. AMRs deliver the correct material to the correct location on time.

risk mitigation

AMRs resolve safety issues and reduce product damage.

warehouse automation

Today’s throughput demands require autonomous solutions

There are many ways to use automation in distribution, warehousing, logistics, and your VAS department. Automated conveyance systems can interface with AMRs to improve the efficiency of material movement through multiple workflows.

Imagine a strategically designed automation solution customized to your workflows. The automated systems supplement your workforce and improve efficiency, safety, and accuracy.


Streamline all aspects of your dock-to-stock workflows using AMRs—keep forklift operators in the receiving docks, stocking operators racking, and eliminate the traffic between receiving docks and the racks.

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To Suggested Putaway
Achieve fork-free operations moving pallets from inbound receiving staging to storage racks. Increase safety and improve efficiencies.

To Staging Lanes
Bring pallets to staging lanes and organize your inbound pallets on the warehouse floor for compact storage and easy retrieval.


Accurate picking and timely delivery are critical to keeping your orders filled and moving to your customers' docks and doors. Use AMRs to move materials from storage zones to processing zones or outbound lanes.

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Full, Partial, or Case Picks
Deliver full or partial pallets from storage to order processing zones to expedite processing. Eliminate dead end runs by forklift and reach truck operators. Accelerate velocity, reduce errors, improve efficiencies.

Goods To Person
Combine human and AMR based workflows to optimize and accelerate case picks and delivery to order processing stations. Reduce distance walked by humans. Reduce operator fatigue and errors.


Once picked and processed, accelerate the pallet flow inside the facility. Declutter your outbound processing zones with intelligent automation. Keep those pallets moving.

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To Wrapper
Use AMRs to move finished pallets from floor positions or conveyor tops to wrapper infeed positions.

To Outbound Lanes
Once wrapped, move pallets from outfeed conveyors to dock doors ready for trailer loading. Use smart automation to transfer pallets to the right dock doors and lanes.


Industrial Automation

Today’s lean manufacturing relies on automation to streamline processes

Your team members can stay safe and productive in their zones while autonomous vehicles handle the material movement. With site-specific automation solutions, you decide if it’s the heavy lifting or the long hauls you want to automate.

If you have a new or planned on-site warehousing or distribution center, AMRs can accelerate the ROI of that investment. In addition to material movement, autonomous robots can be deployed for welding, stamping, sealing, and other repetitive tasks. They can even work through the night.

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