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Heartland Automation ramps up production of its new AutoGuide Max N10 Mobile Robot Platform

July 28, 2021
Heartland Automation ramps up production of its new AutoGuide Max N10 Mobile Robot Platform


GEORGETOWN, KY (April 6, 2018)– Heartland Automation has recently received multiple orders for the AutoGuide Max N10 Mobile Robot in both Tugger and Unit Load configurations.  Shipments for these projects started last quarter as our production capacity started to ramp up.

“Customer reception of our new mobile robot platform has been tremendous…using an advanced, but proven, natural feature guidance technology in a modular AGV platform, the Max N10 offers the quickest Return on Investment and the best lead-times in the industry” said Heartland Automation Solutions President and CEO Rob Sullivan.

The high-resolution LiDAR Natural Features Guidance technology works within your existing facility, without requiring infrastructure changes, reducing both system installation time and cost, while providing unmatched flexibility for system expansion or reconfiguration.  With a maximum speed of 4 mph in autonomous navigation mode, it is the fastest on the market today and the flexibility of the modular design means there is a configuration to meet your needs.

The Max N10 Mobile Robot platform has a modular design with standard attachments to form application specific vehicles: Tugger and Unit Load configurations are shipping now…Pallet Stacker, Pallet Truck, and Hi-Bay lift configurations will be available later this year.  All configurations are available with a manual-mode driver platform for hybrid operation.

With the level of interest the new Max N10 Mobile Robot platform is garnering, AutoGuide is looking to expand its system integrator partner network to allow us to continue to bring the best solutions possible to a growing number of customers, interested companies may contact