proof of concept program

1 AMR. 3 months of productivity.
See how an AMR will enhance efficiency at your facility.

Heartland Automation appreciates the headwind many organizations encounter when adopting new, disruptive technologies like autonomous mobile robots. To reduce concerns, we offer low-cost, small-scale deployments so our clients can get first-hand, onsite experience with AMRs.

Automation in Action

Our exclusive Proof of Concept program includes a three month, no committment, right to return deployment of an autonomous forklift, the MAX-N Pallet Stacker or an autonomous tugger, the MAX-N Tugger from AutoGuide Mobile Robots.

Pick your workflow

A POC deployment is the one of the fastest ways to validate your autonomous operations strategy. A three-month deployment includes pre-launch training and post-program success assessment.

No questions. No committment.

If you’re at the beginning of your automation journey and looking for a way to proceed with caution, find out more about our Proof of Concept program.