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AutoGuide Mobile Robots Joins MassTLC

May 2, 2018

Chelmsford, MA (May 02, 2018) – AutoGuide Mobile Robots is excited to announce its membership in Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council [MassTLC], the largest technology association in the region. By joining this community, AutoGuide is connecting with leaders and innovators in the technology sector, sharing ideas and promoting advancements in robotics and automation.

“It’s an exciting time for AutoGuide in the emerging mobile robot market, and especially to be part of MassTLC and the ever-growing robotics cluster in Massachusetts,” said Rob Sullivan, CEO of AutoGuide Mobile Robots. “We’re building a great team here in Massachusetts and we’re a week or so away from moving into our new R&D facility at 2 Omni Way in Chelmsford.” Rob is no stranger to MassTLC; he was previously a member and a 2017 CTO of the Year finalist.

Massachusetts has a long history of technology innovation, and AutoGuide’s Mobile Robot R&D center, located in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, just north of Boston, is in the middle of this technology-rich region. This area is a great fit for AutoGuide, whose Max N10 Mobile Robot Tugger is generating quite a stir in the industrial tugger market.

The Max N10 uses a high-resolution LiDAR Natural Features Guidance technology to navigate, without the need for infrastructure changes, at speeds up to 4 mph in autonomous mode; which is the fastest on the market. The Max N10 Mobile Robot platform has a modular design with an array of standard attachments available to form application specific vehicles, from Tugger and Unit Load configurations that are shipping now, to advanced forked vehicles that are currently under development. For hybrid operations all Max N10 configurations are available with a manual-mode driver platform.

AutoGuide is a leading developer and manufacturer of mobile robots with an R&D center located in Chelmsford, MA, and a manufacturing facility co-located with Heartland Automation in Georgetown KY. For more information, please visit